It is the successor of the previous application manager called “xSpotify Manager” which was created by xC3FFF0E with the help of Sherlock Holmes and released in 2020. We decided to create an app that allows users to easily manage and install all Spotify versions on their devices. 

Our goal is to create a simple yet effective manager pp for everyone. The second version of the manager app added some features like uninstall, directly open app settings, delete offline cache data, launch app. We hope that all users will find the new features very useful.

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Use xManager for Spotify Apk to download the most trusted version of Spotify for your country or device. There are all available versions of Spotify in this manager tool. Find an older, simpler version or upgrade to the latest version of the Spotify app. Install xManager for Spotify Apk on your device to enjoy free music for lifetime. 

With xManager for Spotify Apk, you can find the versions of Spotify on your device. A version without mods or ads is also included. You can customize the app by changing the logo, adding a new theme or finding the interface design for Spotify. It will make your music listening journey more exciting than ever before. It’s completely free to use with several accessible package offerings. Just search for the old or new version and install it on your device with just one click.

Benefits of xManager for Spotify Apk

  • Spotify Download

Download  the latest version or find older versions of Spotify with a single search, a library of all  updates. 

  •  Listening to foreign songs 

The international mod apk allows you to listen to  music that was previously unavailable, but can now  be in your playlist. 

  •  Lightweight 

This is a lightweight application that does not use RAM. You can keep the app on your device for a long time as it does not slow down your device. 

  •  Easy to understand 

The process of installing Spotify via xManager is simple. Just search for those results and download them. 

  •  No ads 

The app doesn’t bother you with ads or surveys, and you can freely browse the app without any spam notifications.

Download xManager


Updated : Version 4.8

  • Added Sinhala Translation (Thanks Psycho649!)
  •  Reworked Progress Dialog
  •  Fixed Progress Dialog Layout Bug
  •  Minor Optimizations and Improvements

How to Use xManager for Spotify Apk?

The process is much easier to understand. After installing the app, you can find the guide within the app itself. If you’re still stuck at any stage, we’ll help you  with our step-by-step guide.

  • Install  xManager for Spotify Apk on your travel device.  
  •  Grant all necessary permissions. 
  • Open the app and there is a search option in the top header. 
  • If you remember, enter the version number or use the filters to search for it. 
  •  Get a list of results and read about  highlights. 
  •  Just upload the result of your choice. 
  •  You are now using this particular version of Spotify  on your device without  risk.
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